Sunday, October 23, 2016

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Perfect Moment

Feeling a Little Blue

Do you ever feel a little blue? I do, not so often, thankfully, but I still do. Like yesterday, for instance. No apparent reason.
Just feeling a little blue.
I didn't dwell on it too much though. I accept that there are days and then there are other days.
My coping mechanisms have changed over the years, I just realized yesterday! A couple of years ago, during an "I feel blue" day like yesterday, I would have:
  • gone shopping or
  • eaten my way through my fridge or
  • talked about "it" over and over and over again, hoping to feel better.
Until I realized that all that was of no help because
a) shopping was no good for my budget (and while feeling blue one should never ever ever try on some pants in a badly lit dressing room! Obviously on one of these days EVERYTHING made me look fat and ugly and whatever you can think of. SMILE Therefore, not only bad for my bank account but also for my self-esteem!).

b) Eating only helped for a short time. Getting fatter though was no good for my mood on the long term (which is worse than feeling a little blue for one day!).

c) Talking wasn't helping either because, honestly, most of the times I don't even know WHY I feel the way I feel on one of these days. Therefore, talking is just useless. On the contrary, it often made me feel worse because it became bigger than it really was.

So, what do I do these days when I feel a little blue?
I let it go by.
I go on doing what I usually do and wait it out.
Experience has shown me that it goes away.
I accepted that feeling blue from time to time is part of life.
It'd be different if I'd feel blue several days a month. Then I'd probably talk to someone about it. But just a couple of days a year? No big deal.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Friday, October 7, 2016

Bye Bye Summer!

I was on Pinterest, scrolling through the pins, when I read the above words. Exactly my thoughts!
I don't know how the weather is where you're from, but in Switzerland we went from very nice (late) summer weather with nice temperatures ... to autumn (I'd almost say winter) temperatures from almost one day to the other.

A shock. Each year it's a shock. EACH YEAR. You'd think that I'd be used to this (not living in Hawaii or elsewhere where the weather is always nice and warm ... oh my, don't make me think about it! I'll start crying!), but no, I actually am not. Not at all.
What can I do though (besides moving to a warmer place hahaha)? Nothing. Just wearing warm clothes again (and it's harder this year because I still have tanned feet and arms - it's a pity to hide them!!). Spending evenings at home, wearing socks and warm sweaters. Hoping for this mood to move on (it always moves on - luckily for me .. and for you haha).

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Capturing Perfect Moments

was just thinking (Help us! She's thinking again haha!!). I just posted this picture on Instagram with the hashtag #perfectmoments
So I thought, why not starting a new series of pictures of perfect every day moments?
This is the first picture. Taken near from where I live. Let me think about this idea of mine a bit more. And let me look for #perfect moments.
Why not? I'm a strong believer of enjoying the small wonderful moments of life. This serie would match well with my believe, don't you think?
I'll keep you updated!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Learning to Say No

I have the hardest of times to say no.
I lie (uuuh shame on me!).
I make excuses.
I over-explain myself.
I put on my noncommitted face and keep quiet.
But actually just say no? Just saying, thank you, but no thank you?
Uh, so difficult!

Time to learn, I decided a couple of months ago. I want to live an authentic life, and saying no, simply, gently, with no lies, no excuses and no explaining more than necessary, is an important part thereof.

Well, easy to say. Not so easy to do for me. Especially the part of "how much do I explain"? Do I really just say thank you, but no thank you? Or do I at least add some reasons for my no? (still unsure about it - I'm always afraid of being perceived as rude ... so stupid, I know, but hey, can't change overnight, right?).

In the meantime, I found out that saying no is easier on guys. I was telling a male friend of mine about one occasion where I wanted to say no, but then thought it'd be rude of me and I kind of said "maybe, we'll see" instead of "no". I didn't find the courage to simply say no. **Sigh** (and now I have a messy situation in my hands - **deep-drawn sigh**)
You know what my (male) friend had to say to all that?
He just rolled his eyes and went: Simonetta, just tell them no. What's so difficult about it?

Yeah right, what's so difficult about it?

Monday, September 26, 2016

Hiking along Lake Constance

Sunny autumn days are ideal to do some hiking ... yesterday along Lake Constance!