Sunday, January 14, 2018


I had the flu, these last couple of days, and some days I even went without being able to speak (for someone like me? Not easy at all hahaha). Anyway. I started my 2018 yoga practice thinking that I was doing okay again ... at least until the Shavasana (relaxation at the end of every yoga practice). I lay down ... and there went my cough attack.
Do you know the feeling? Coughs when you shouldn't be coughing (like during a concert or a lecture??)
On the other hand, Shavasana is all about NOT getting sidetracked by anything going on the outside of yourself and your breath. Right? SMILE
Well, you'd have to asked the other in my class ... haha. I am not sure they'd agree with me BRIGHTER SMILE

Thursday, January 11, 2018

January Wish

With this picture and these words I am starting a new series called #monthlywishesfor2018. I thought of it yesterday evening while attending a lecture of an astrologer (astrologer, yes, you read correctly hahaha. I decided that in 2018 I wanted to broaden my horizon by attending more lectures and go to more concerts!).
The astrologer was telling us about 2018 and how the constellations will influence our year.
You don't believe in constellations or astrology?
Well, I understand but bear with me for a minute and keep in mind that wishes never do any harm...

So, starting today, I will spend a couple of minutes every months thinking of a wish for my (and obviously yours as well) upcoming month. Numerology and astrology (and my inner voice) will help me "find" the good wishes.
January so far has been good and I strongly feel the whole "new" thing. I left the somehow emotionally exhausting 2017 behind me and look forward to an exciting 2018!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

The Holidays Are Over

How do I know the holiday frenzy is over? Well, besides the obvious fact that people are no longer in a shopping frenzy?

1) Because of the tulips in the shops. Yes. Tulips. In January. Each year I am shocked anew! But tulips for sale in the various shops tell me that it's January. Crazy. But true.

2) Because of my boss telling me ... that spring is just around the corner. As soon as the holidays are over she starts telling me that ... Simonetta, you know, it's almost springtime. It's so cute. And unfortunately untrue but who am I to disagree with her? If it helps her getting over wintertime? Well, then be it!

Friday, January 5, 2018

First Trip of the Year

I just spent the holidays in Italy and because of the many family gatherings there wasn't much time for me to do what I like most: being on the road. I nevertheless found the time to spend some time alone!

One day I went shopping. I urgently needed new boots and now ... well, let's just say that now I have enough boots for the next couple of years (and also new trousers, a blouse, etc.). It was my (very) lucky shopping day!

The second day I drove to the sea in Cattolica and spent some time at the mercato (what else?) and took a long walk on the beach. What a wonderful way to spend the last day of 2017...

My third day was spent visiting Urbino. I never get tired of visiting Urbino. It's like a place of my heart. I go to the museum, walk around the (perfect) renaissance town, I browsed the bookstores and simply soaked up the good energy.

I am back home now ... and am ready for 2018 and all the new places I will visit!


Personal Wishes for 2018

Can you feel it too? 2018 has a different energy. A pretty good one! We're only on day 5 but it feels like everything is ... in the flow. Interestingly enough I sent a message to my sister-in-law on 1 January when I was in Italy (and didn't have much time because my time on the Internet was limited) and I said something along the lines of: I practice being tolerant and patient. I thought back to these words, written without thinking too much, and I decided that my words were dead-on. My 2018 will be about tolerance and patience. Towards others but also towards myself. Other words came to my mind too: kindliness, consciousness.

Therefore, these are my personal wishes for 2018.
Acting in a tolerant, patient, kind and conscious way every day (or at least try to).